My Big mistake - Assumptions

As a small business owner it's not always obvious to your clients, about all of the different services that you could provide. 

I had this aha moment when I was having a coffee with a business colleague and he mentioned "I didn't know you could do that". I realised I had made the big mistake in assuming he knew everything that a bookkeeper can do for him. 

It's not always obvious... you know what you do because it's you who does it, and is (hopefully) passionate about it. 

Do your clients know every aspect of the business that you could potentially help them with? 

If you're a web developer, do they also know you develop mobile apps?

If you're a graphic designer does your client only think you can create logos or print ads what about signage or flags?

If you're a plumber do they know you can help with the fire place too or provide support in designing bathrooms?

Let them know about everything else you do, so you you don't get "I didn't know you could do that". 

Do you know everything that we do?


  • Bank coding and reconciliations
  • Supplier bills and statements
  • Supplier payments
  • Customer invoicing and statements
  • Customer debt collection
  • GST preparation and filing
  • Payroll processing and PAYE
  • Management reporting
  • Advisory and support
  • Training
  • Software conversions and set ups
  • Troubleshooting and fixing problems
  • Software file review
  • Start Ups
  • Annual accounts to draft stage
  • Help with end of year accountant questionnaire


If there are any services that makes you think "I didn't know you could do that" and you would like to talk to us about any of the above then please give us a call on 033795338. 

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