Signs your client is about to jump ship​

One of the hardest part of running an accounting business is finding good clients, but how do you tell when they’re about to walk away?​

After all, clients rarely tell you what they’re thinking so it’s up to you to read the signs.

A client leaving isn’t necessarily a bad thing, depending on the client of course. However, if you have clients you want to hold onto, how do you read the warning signs that they’re about to leave?

Lack of contact

The first warning sign is when they suddenly stop contacting you.

You go from a state of answering regular questions, being engaged to work on projects and racking up consistent billable hours, to silence.

Before you get the call informing you that you’re dumped, jump on the phone and give them a call (not an email).

If there’s a problem, you need to know about it so you can fix it. If there’s no particular problem, then keeping in touch with a valuable client can’t hurt.

Client’s friends cancel services

The next warning sign is when the client’s friends stop using your services.

If Joe Blow introduced John Doe and Joe tells you your services are no longer required, it’s a good bet John will be thinking of doing the same.







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