Red, Amber or Green?

How Healthy is Your Business?

Traffic lights are simple to understand. When they turn red, we know we need to stop and wait. Amber lights tell us to slow down and get ready to stop and when they are green we know it’s okay to keep going.

Trying to understand our business financial accounts however, can send us turning in never-ending circles of confusion. 

Wouldn’t it be great if our finances were as easy to understand as a traffic light?

They are now…


Introducing Bookworks Traffic Light Health Check

Our team of experienced bookeepers will thoroughly analyse your financial records to create a personalised report which gives a picture of the overall general financial health of your business. This includes information about your; Chart of accounts, Bank accounts, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Inventory, General ledger, IRD commitments, File setup & settings, Security

Each area will give you an overall ‘grade’ using the traffic light system. Red requires immediate action to remedy the issues, amber needs you to consider fixing the problems shortly, while green shows that area is currently running smoothly and may need your attention later.


Will Your Business Get the Green Light?

Our Traffic Light Health Check provides business owners with the big picture as to how their business is going from a financial perspective. For each of the key areas we focus on, we clearly state what we believe are the most pressing issues for you to address. We appreciate that seeing a lot of red and orange labelled areas is concerning, but by identifying them now we can help prevent you from having larger problems in the future.

Help Your Business Achieve Maximum Efficiency with our Traffic Light Health Check

A second pair of eyes is all it takes to help you see the bigger picture and achieve success. Contact us today to schedule a personalised Traffic Light Health Check on your business.

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