Business expenses: what can you claim for?

All self-employed people can claim business expenses, contractors and sole traders included. If you work from home you can claim some household expenses, as well. Make sure you’re not missing a trick at tax time — find out what counts as an expense.

 What counts as an expense?

The more expenses you can claim, the less tax you’ll pay. Business expenses can include:

  • vehicle expenses, transport costs and travel for business purposes
  • rent paid on business premises — including your home
  • depreciation on items like computers and office furniture
  • interest on borrowing money for the business
  • some insurance premiums
  • work-related journals and magazines
  • membership of professional associations
  • home office expenses 
  • work-related mobile phones and phone bills
  • stationery
  • work uniforms
  • tax agent’s fees.


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