Case Study: Friday Creative

Bookworks Customer: Katy

Who is Friday Creative? 
"Friday specialises in all that lovely brand development stuff that helps your business look good and do well. You know – design, creative and left-brain/right-brain tactical communications. Online and offline. " 

Why did you want a bookkeeper? 
When I hear of the IRD, it makes me want to burst into tears. It’s not our field of expertise so I would rather have peace of mind knowing I don’t have the worry or hassle of doing the books myself. We had a small business in the past, so knew the issues that could arise with the IRD. Secondly, we realise we don't know what we don't know and would rather have professionals around us to take care of it. 

Why Bookworks? 
We heard of Craig through people we know, word of mouth is always a great referral. In our first meeting with Craig, I felt like he was in control and that he is someone who will look after us. Knowing he has the background in accounting helps. 

What benefits have you seen?
Bookworks saves us time and Money. We don’t have to worry about the IRD (which still makes me metaphorically want a cry) and the potential fines from them. He has created efficiencies in our business, sanity and peace of mind. That’s the most important to us in a bookkeeper. 


If you're on the edge of getting a professional bookkeeper, we might be able to help. Give us a call on 033795338. We offer accounting knowledge at bookkeeping prices.


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