What’s the Difference Between Networking and Marketing?

Networking and marketing are two words which are often bandied about together. One often gives the other a bad reputation and the other is frequently misunderstood. That brings us to, exactly what are the differences between networking and marketing?

What Does Networking Involve? 

Think of networking as making friends. They’re not going to be best buddies, but more of the sort of person you’re not afraid to ring up for advice. In our world of ‘it’s who you know that matters,’ developing a business network is vital.

When you network with other business owners, you:

  • Find out about what they offer or sell
  • Discuss ways in which you can help each other
  • Offer support and advice from your own experiences
  • Have a mutually beneficial relationship


Look to your network to help introduce you to others in your industry.

What Does Marketing Involve? 

Marketing is about selling something. In business, you are either selling your products or your services. When you are marketing, you are trying to convince others to buy whatever it is you are selling. Marketing is also something which is usually carried out to a group of people, rather than just one person. Think of advertisements on TV. They are hoping to persuade more than just you to buy something.

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