Using Tech for small businesses


Business productivity can usually be traced back to an organisation’s ability to successfully execute on overall strategy. Execution on that strategy or goals aligned to those strategic objectives is also key to a successful business.


Technology offers the opportunity for all businesses, including small businesses to execute goals faster and easier. The ministry of business has some great ideas on how you can incorporate technology in your business.


Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud-based storage allows data to be stored on computers or servers located anywhere and be accessed online. This way information can be shared among different locations that employees can access in a safe, secure way.

For example OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox


Online Document Products

Businesses can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online so that employees can access and update at the same time, thus allowing real-time collaboration.

For example Office 360, Google Docs and Google Sheets



Keeping up to date task lists, where you can create sort and prioritise tasks/activities and share them with other employees or clients.

For example Trello and OneNote


Add-Ons or Plug-Ins

Software that can connect with current systems or additional systems your business can use to automatically update and talk with each other. There may be options for inventory management and keeping track of costs or even recording your receipts electronically making it easier to manage expenses.

For example Xero and Receipt Bank, Stripe, and Roll.


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