Claiming expenses when away on business

You can claim for a lot of daily expenses when you're travelling for work.

 In general you can claim for:
- Flights
- Taxi's
- Accomodation
- Meals and Snacks

Overseas travel expenses 

You can also claim for overseas travel expenses if...
- You're away on business trip but take a free half-day to enjoy exploring a new city, the personal part of the trip is incidental. You can claim all of your travel expenses. 

If you combine a business trip with a holiday, you must split out your expenses and only claim the portion that relates to the working part of the trip. The best way to do this is to keep an itinerary or diary. It should provide enough information to calculate all your costs and make a reasonable split between personal and business expenses. 

Travel to buy assets or equipment

If the purpose of the trip is to buy business assets, then these travel expenses are usually treated as part of the cost of the asset - they're a capital expense and can't be claimed. 
If it is valued at more than $500, has a useful life of more than one year then it can't be claimed in full as a business expense. 

Have a look here at the full article to see what you can and can't claim in general and what records you should keep if Inland Revenue asks for proof. If you still have any queries over what you can claim get in touch and call us on 033795338.


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