Types of business income tax returns​

If you're in business, you'll need to complete and send us an income tax return, and attach either a copy of your financial records, or a form that summarises your income and expenses.

Filing an IR4 tax return

Generally all active companies must file an IR4 income tax return each year.  This includes:

  • New Zealand resident companies
  • body corporates registered under the Unit Titles Act 1972 - even if it's a nil return.
  • unit trusts - even if it's a nil return. 

If your company is non-active you do not have to file a return. Exceptions to filing an IR4 income tax return are:

  • The company/body corporate is non-active and has filed an Non-active company declaration (IR433) which applies from the start of the relevant financial year (or earlier).
  • The company is a member of a consolidated group.
  • The company/body corporate was struck off before the start of the relevant financial year.

A non-resident company with no permanent establishment or centre of management in New Zealand is not required to file IR4 income tax returns.

To read full article please read here: http://www.ird.govt.nz/business-income-tax/filing-returns/bit-typereturn.html and get in touch with us.

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