Workplace Health good for staff

Putting worker health first

New Zealanders are estimated to be 13 times more likely to die from a work-related illness — eg diseases linked to shift work, or cancers from sun or asbestos exposure — than a workplace accident. What are you doing to keep your employees healthy?

Preventing workplace injuries is an important part of running a successful business — but many employers don’t consider the long-term and serious health problems their working conditions might cause.

“We focus our efforts on protecting people from injuries because we feel confident at spotting and managing immediate risks,” says Chris Jones, Manager Strategy at WorkSafe New Zealand. “We need the same risk management-focused approach to work-related health.”

600 to 900 New Zealanders die every year due to work-related diseases.

A further thirty thousand people are hospitalised or make successful claims with ACC for serious illnesses caused by their working conditions each year. Many more go unreported.

Why care about work-related health?

By law, employers must protect their employees from work factors that could harm their health, such as from excessive noise, work-related stress and exposure to chemicals.  


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